Weight Management

Whether you want to lose weight or get active. Your practice is here to guide you to trustworthy, local and national weight loss tools, programmes and support.

The sections below contain a range of useful links and resources to get you started on the right foot.

Start here!

To find out if you’re a healthy weight for your height, work out your body mass index (BMI).

You can easily check your BMI by using this BMI calculator. A BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered healthy.

­BMI Calculator

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Weight loss education

These webinars will help you understand why dieting is so challenging, and will help you to build a new approach to eating and your health.

The dieting cycle

Regular Eating

Triggers to Eating

Diet Myth Busting

Balanced Eating

Local Guided Weight Management Programmes

Everyone Health – Free 12 Week Programme (Newcastle borough council tax)

Y Weight– Free 12 Week Programme (SOT council tax)

Fit Fans – Free 12 Week Programme

NHS Digital weight loss program contact your GP to be referred.  

Self-guided Weight Management programs

Free 12 Week NHS Weight Loss Plan

Free Weight loss email support

Better health lose weight: apps and programs*

Physical activity

Better health get active: apps & exercise programs*

Free 5 Week Strength and Flex exercise plan

Free Fitness Studio exercise videos

10 minute workouts

Free Fitness Ideas

Park Run

Meal Planning & Healthy Recipes

Easy Meals App

Change for life recipes

British Heart Foundation Recipes

Support and well being

Mind Matters

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Wellbeing Service

Obesity UK Support Groups

Weight Loss Surgery

The criteria for weight loss surgery on the NHS can vary across England. Check with a GP if you think surgery could be an option for you.

Weight Loss Surgery

See a Dietitian

If you have tried the tools, programmes and support above and need further help to lose weight, contact your practice to book an appointment with a Dietitian.

*Links may contain some paid for apps and programmes. The practice is not responsible for any content on external links.