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Your blood pressure matters!

High blood pressure often goes unnoticed, yet it’s a silent threat to your health.
Get to know your numbers and take control of your well-being:
-Systolic Pressure: this is the top number in your reading which measures the force of blood against artery walls when your heart beats.
-Diastolic Pressure, this is the bottom number in your reading. It measures the force of blood against artery walls when your heart is at rest.
Why does it matter?
High blood pressure can lead to heart disease, stroke, and other health issues.
Regular checks are key to prevention!
Where can you get your blood pressure checked?
We recommend that you do home blood pressure readings over 7 days. This is the most accurate way to record your blood pressure as people’s blood pressure typically rises when having it checked in the surgery. If you are able to do home blood pressure readings, but need to borrow a blood pressure monitor, please ask at reception as we may be able to lend one to you. You can then either submit your blood pressure readings to us on a form available from reception or via a link in a text message that we can send to you.
You can also get your blood pressure measured at many community pharmacies so do ask your local pharmacy team. If you are unable to do this, ask at reception for a blood pressure check at the practice.
Help spread the word, share this post to raise awareness about the importance of monitoring your blood pressure, also, encourage your friends and family to get their numbers checked too!